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It’s about that time again where I review my trash. I’ve been saving it for awhile & I have some thoughts to share. I love a good empties post because you get to see how someone actually felt about a product. After using the entirety of something, people are definitely going to have an opinion. Now let’s look at trash.

  • BATISTE DRY SHAMPOO – clean & light bare
    • If you’ve been here awhile you’ll know how much I’m obsessed with dry shampoo & batiste is the one I like. This one has a really light, fresh scent which I enjoyed & it doesn’t leave white residue behind like some other dry shampoos tend to do. I would get this scent again.
    • I love this shower cream & always stock up when it comes out for the Christmas season. It smells amazing. It’s a bit earthy with the patchouli and it’s a shower cream, so it moisturizes as well, which is perfect for cooler months.
    • I’ve been using this for years as a spot treatment, love it. 10/10 would recommend if you’re in the market for a natural spot treatment & your skin reacts well to tea tree oil. Plus lush uses natural ingredients & doesn’t test on animals, which I like in a product.
  • IT’S POTENT! EYE CREAM – Benefit
    • I haven’t repurchased this, but I did like it. It felt nice on my eyes, I’m just not sure how much it did because under my eyes has never been a huge problem area for me.
  • ONE A DAY – women’s multivitamins
    • I love these and I always repurchase them. It’s nice that it’s an all-in-one thing & I like that it’s a gummy. Definitely a good way to get in your necessary vitamins in a way that doesn’t make you feel 100 years old. Vitamins can be cool.
  • BC ESSENTIALS OIL – acneic skin
    • I’ve been using this for a few years now & I have no complaints. I use it in the morning as my moisturizer and it’s just so light and nice on the face. This also has tea tree oil, so my skin just really reacts well to it.
    • These are great & I repurchased them so many times. I’ve since picked up the garnier micellar water & I’m pretty into that one at the moment, but I do like these. My only issue is that I use them to remove eye makeup and the wipe is a bit big for that, so I just rip them in half.
  • BURT’S BEES LIP BALM – original
    • I can probably count on one hand the amount of times I’ve used up an entire lip balm and this is one of them. I love that it’s a natural brand and I really like a minty lip balm, so this has everything I need. I don’t go anywhere without my burt’s bees.
    • I use this to set my t-zone, I’ve repurchased it a few times. I like that it doesn’t make your face look white like some setting powders do & it definitely helps to keep my makeup in place throughout the day. I always have this in my makeup bag.
  • SOAP & GLORY BODY WASH – sugar crush
    • This was nice & smells lovely, although I did find the scent to be a bit overpowering. The lime scent kinda made me feel like I was showering inside an actual margarita. I like it, but I wouldn’t buy the full size.
    • I had this in my last empties & never actually threw it out. I’ve since gotten a new product that does the same thing (& way more), so I’m actually gonna call it trash this time. It doesn’t add softness or shine & the spray nozzle broke the first time I tried it, don’t recommend.


What’s your favorite product right now?




  1. I use that same Tresemme heat protectant spray. I like the spray, but I tend to always have issues with the nozzle as well. Sometimes it doesn’t want to spray correctly and will leak out onto my hand when I’m trying to use it.

    Dry shampoo just doesn’t seem to do much for me. I’ve used a couple different brands. Batiste does seem to be the better one, but it still didn’t really make my hair any less oily.


    1. my nozzle snapped off entirely the first time I tried to use it! lol & it does leak a bit too, not fun. hmm.. maybe try switching up your shampoo or conditioner? or maybe your hair just doesn’t like dry shampoo, everyone’s different! 😊

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