solar eclipse 2017

I took yesterday off to go to the beach with friends & watch the solar eclipse. It was just partial near Boston, but it was a total solar eclipse in other places across the U.S. I hope everyone had a chance to check it out if you like sky stuff. It was pretty damn cool watching the sun hide behind the moon.

solar eclipse 2017

The next solar eclipse that will span the country is in 7 years, so you can see another eclipse in 2024! Although I was only watching a partial eclipse, it still got a bit darker and even a little chilly, pretty neat. I’m so fascinated by all that stuff, so it was really cool to witness. Our special glasses allowed us to look up at the sun & watch as it was eclipsed by the moon, so cool to see. We watched it on & off for an hour or so and then it warmed back up & the sun was out again. It was a great beach day with good people & the solar eclipse was pretty amazing to watch. P.S. solar eclipses can affect your mood, so make sure you check your vibe.

(📸: Mia)

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44 thoughts on “SOLAR ECLIPSE 2017

  1. I couldn’t see any of it since it was so cloudy and I had a meeting but we watched it in the break room on tv for a bit beforehand when it was over the western states! So cool that you got to see it from the beach!

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