outfit of the dayCuz don’t give a jam has to grocery shop too. Not every outfit is glamorous, sometimes you just gotta throw on some jean shorts and a long sleeve. When I’m out running errands I like to be comfy. Positive vibes & a casual outfit to start the week off, let’s do dis.OOTD running errandsI wanted to share this OOTD because while it’s totally acceptable to walk the grocery store aisle as if it’s a runway, it’s also totally okay to be casual. This day I was letting my hair air-dry after a shower, so I french braided half & left half down. I have on my Barstool Sports long sleeve t-shirt, which I tucked into high-waisted jean shorts & paired with my adidas high tops. Comfy, casual, perfect for an afternoon of errands.

p.s. If you don’t know, Barstool Sports is a blog about well, sports. I’ve been reading it for years now, but It’s gotten pretty big recently. Viva la stool. ✌🏻

(📸: Brett)

In da comments, tell me about your weekend, or share your go-to comfy outfit!

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