best tv show theme songs

You know those TV show theme songs that get caught in your head & days later you add them to your spotify & then you can’t stop listening to them? Can’t be just me. There are a lot of amazing opening credits out there, but today I wanna focus on ones with theme songs that I would listen to in real life.

  • SHAMELESS: The Luck You Got – the high strung
    • I genuinely like this song, have it on spotify & listen to it regularly. Maybe I’m biased because I love shameless, but I get so happy when this song comes on. Just makes me smile & if you’ve seen this show… doesn’t it just go with it? Like perfectly? I think so.
  • WEEDS: Little Boxes – malvina reynolds
    • Honestly fam, I cannot explain enough how much I love this song. I think it’s safe to say I’ve listened to it 1,000 times. Not to spoil the opening credits, but I like that weeds uses the original version, but switches it up in later seasons with some covers.
  • IZOMBIE: Stop, I’m Already Dead – deadboy and the elephant man
    • This one’s a bit rare, but worth a listen. You gotta let it get to the chorus though, that’s the good part. It’s a bit repetitive, but it really works well for the show & I think it’s super catchy.
      • Another hot take on this song from my boyfriend, he thinks it’s annoying. lol.
  • SCRUBS: I’m No Superman – lazlo bane
    • I mean, honestly, this song just makes me wanna watch scrubs. I could use a full re-watch of that show. It’s so catchy, definitely one of those lighthearted tunes that you can’t stop singing for days. One of those songs you bop your head along to, you know the ones.
  • FRIENDS: I’ll Be There For You – the rembrandts
    • Is it really a best-theme-songs list if I don’t include friends? This one is such a classic & such a good song on it’s own. Plus, who doesn’t love friends? Upbeat and lends perfectly to the vibe of a friend group living in new york & hanging out at a coffee shop.
  • UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT: opening theme – jeff richmond
    • If you’ve seen this show, don’t tell me the theme song has never been caught in your head. Maybe you’ve even ended up walking around humming it at some point. It’s quirky, funny & different just like this show and that’s what I like most about it.

What’s YOUR favorite TV show theme song?




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