weekend wedding

Happy Labor Day! A Monday holiday means a 4 day weekend & on this 4 day weekend, we went to a wedding. The ceremony took place under a covered bridge in Massachusetts & it was absolutely lovely. So much fun & always nice to spend time with family.

We had some drinks, we did some dancing, and we had so much fun celebrating Morgan & Michael’s love. It was rainy & a bit chilly on Sunday, so I went with a simple black dress, a long gold necklace, and black booties. I wanted to keep the focus on my man’s snazzy tie. lol.


The next day on our way home, we decided to stop and get a hamster! We have a roborovski hamster (you’ve seen him if you follow me on insta) & this time we went with a teddy bear hamster. Their names are Isaiah & Kyrie and they’re pretty damn cute.

I want to know how YOUR labor day weekend was (if you celebrate) & if not, just tell me about your weekend. Was it amazing? Did you buy a hamster for no apparent reason? Discover a new drink you like? I gotta know.

Also, I want to check in & see what you guys want to see on don’t give a jam. Do you want to see more outfits, more reviews, more of something entirely different? Lemme know.



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