things to do in boston

Okay so, the title of this post totally rhymes & I’m sorry, but once I thought of it, I couldn’t not call it that. This was the first weekend in about a month & a half that we didn’t have any set plans. We took full advantage of that by spending our Saturday in Somerville, MA for some lunch & shopping. So, here’s my Saturday in snaps!

My snap story saw the pic on the left first. My snapchat is jaclarkk in case you ever wanna follow along in real time.

We went to the boston burger company for lunch & fuck fam, it was delicious. It’s a fun & casual spot with so many funky burger options. Mine had sautéed apples & red onion, bacon, maple mayo & sharp cheddar cheese. Definitely an unexpected topping combo, but so good. I also got a Nutella Freaky Frappe, love how they garnish their frappes. 10/10 would recommend.

After lunch we went over to browse around Assembly Row, an outdoor outlet mall. I really prefer outdoor shopping, I think it’s so much more relaxing to step outside and get some fresh air in-between shops. With stores to go in, some spots to eat & fresh air, if you live near here I’d recommend giving this a go.

COMMENT BELOW & tell me one positive thing that happened this weekend!




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