transition fall summerFirst, hope everyone is OK, there’s a lotta crazy weather going on this past week or so. Second, summer isn’t over yet, but autumn is coming. This in-between weather calls for some in-between outfits. SO here’s one of those transition to autumn outfits!


This is what I was wearing in my saturday in snaps post. We had lunch at a delicious burger spot & then did some shopping at an outdoor outlet mall. It was in the upper 60s, so I went with layers. I paired this chunky cardigan from ASOS with a brandy melville skirt that I’ve had for a few years now & believe it or not, that’s a leotard underneath. lol. I used it for a Halloween costume last year & it totally works as a bodysuit!


I also added my favorite little-black-backpack from ASOS & black wedge booties. These booties are so light & easy to walk in, so it worked well for strolling around the outlets.

fun fact: the pic on the right is a behind-the-scenes candid cuz sometimes the wind blows at the exact time your cameraman snaps a pic & there’s just something I really love about the timing of it all.

(📸: Brett)

In da comments, tell me something pretty!

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