The OA netflix

Netflix, you’ve done it again. This one was weird & powerful in all the right ways. With only 8 episodes, it wasn’t hard to binge this Netflix Original. I’ve watched The OA & I have some non-spoiler thoughts to share.

Prairie Johnson (who now goes by The OA) returns home after a 7 year disappearance with a story to tell. And her story is pretty damn interesting. She gathers a group of 5 misfits & they work together to accomplish something much bigger than themselves. I guess I would describe the genre of this Netflix Original as a mix of science-fiction & mystery with a bit of drama. It’s kinda slow-burning, but I like the way the story is told. I like that the audience gets to hear The OA’s story right along with the characters themselves.

Also, fans of The Office! Phyllis is one of the main characters. PHYLLIS. She’s so good in it & I loved seeing her in a Netflix show. Excellent cast overall actually. They vibe together well as they listen to the OA tell her strange & unique story of her past 7 years. I don’t think they have a release date yet, but it got picked up for another season, so there’s definitely more to the story.

Have you watched this? What did you think? If not, what have you been watching lately?



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