homegoods candlesIt’s (almost) officially fall & people are starting to feel those cozy vibes. Personally, I light candles year-round (candle obsessed), but there’s something nice about lighting one when there’s a bit of a chill in the air. I’ve slowly been making the switch over to soy candles cuz they’re non-toxic, burn slower & are healthier for both people & animals. Homegoods is wonderful for inexpensive candle options & I wanna share the ones I’ve been loving!

  1. Scentsational tobacco & vanilla candle
    • I actually bought three of these & gave one to a friend cuz I’m really into how this one smells. It’s a bit masculine, but I think the vanilla adds a really nice, light scent. The smell reminds me of my grampa cuz he used to smoke pipes & I just love a scent that conjures up a good memory.
  2. Scentsational amber & vanilla candle
    • I’ve really been liking this brand. Their scent combinations are a bit different & unexpected, which I like. I light this one when I’m doing something relaxing, or trying to wind down for the night. The combo of amber and vanilla is really soothing. Another lovely, light, cozy scent.
  3. DW Home suede & clove candle
    • I’m pretty sure this brand uses a mixture of wax in their hand-poured candles, but soy is one of the waxes used. Like I said, trying to make the switch. This has been one of my  faves lately. I definitely like a light, yet slightly masculine scented candle & this one is just that. Also, it has a wooden wick, so it crackles while you burn it & I just love that.

Bonus look into my weekend: I tried laser tag for the first time with a bunch of my friends (shoutout to HIMYM fans, Barney would be proud). I suggest doing it drunk & definitely fall down & get a savage rug burn on your knee. lol, but honestly, I do recommend giving it a go if you get a chance.

In da comments, tell me something positive about your weekend, or tell me your very favorite candle to fuel my obsession!

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  1. Laser tag is a lot of fun :), yeah I love picking soy candles up at Marshalls they are so inexpensive. I’m currently burning a farmers market blend candle (pumpkin spice, apples and spices). I went to a drive-in movie theater for the first time with a friend and it was a nice way to end Sunday.

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