if we were having coffeeI’ve been liking these chatty catch-up posts & it seems like you guys have been too! It’s been about a month, so here we are again for our virtual coffee chat. Except, to be quite honest, I wrote this last night so I was having a beer. A kona big wave (recommendation credit: Jackie). I think it’s neat to slow down and connect every now & then, so grab a coffee, a beer, a capri-sun, whatever & let’s do dis.

If we were having coffee… I’d tell you that I’ve been trying to be more positive lately. It’s not been easy, especially since I’m known to lean pessimist. Trying to take a calmer approach to things & what-not, but definitely a work in progress.

If we were having coffee… I’d ask you if you believe in ghosts. Honestly I think it’s a really interesting thing to know about a person. Some people have seen them, some people have experienced things, some people simply believe & some people don’t think ghosts are real at all. So, yeah. Ghost stuff.

If we were having coffee… I’d tell you that I made a Facebook page for my blog & ask for your advice. Do you know of any cool FB blog groups I should join? I want to connect with more of my fellow blog-people so we can be internet friends & spread the love.

And if we were having coffee… I would definitely want to know all about how you’ve been! In da comments, tell me something pretty, something positive about your life recently.


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52 thoughts on “IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE (3)

      1. I found a good few through pinterest and I mention some in my newbie post on fb pages as well as my snoop snoop series! You should check em out! I would say though for every 3 I join only 1 ever works out good for me! Some can be annoying and all they are are people posting there blogs randomly which gets pretty old pretty quick!! xx

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