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I saw Feitelberg from Barstool Sports tweet out a bunch of popular companies with the challenge being that you could only choose three of them to use. I thought it was interesting to see which ones he chose in his blog post, so I thought I would do it as well! Simply choose three companies out of the ten provided, except it wasn’t that easy.

feitelberg barstool sports

Gonna knock a few off the list real quick here. I h8 walmart and I’ve only eaten at chick-fil-a once so that can go too. I think I could do without amazon cuz there are so many other places to buy things and sorry, but starbucks has to go too cuz I can get caffeine elsewhere.

Next off the list is uber/lyft cuz I could always go old-school & get a taxi, or jump in a friend’s uber. I don’t need google, like I use it everyday, but I could look things up other ways. Now it’s getting a bit more tough, but honestly, I think twitter is the last to go. I would miss tweeting, but I would survive without it & there are other ways to share your thoughts on the internet.

So the winners are facebook/insta (but only for the insta), apple and netflix. It was a bit hard to choose between insta & twitter, but I feel like I use insta a bit more. I didn’t wanna get rid of apple cuz I would have to get rid of my phone, tablet & laptop. That’s too much work. And if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you’ll know I couldn’t possibly do without netflix. Gotta have my Netflix Originals to binge watch.

I hope you’re having a lovely week! In the comments, let me know which 3 you’d choose.




  1. This is such a cool idea! I will agree with you on the facebook/instagram and apple, but instead of netflix I would probably keep Google because I don’t watch TV that much and cannot bear the thought of having to use Bing lol. Thanks so much for sharing, I loved reading this!!


  2. This is so fun!!! I definitely agree with Instagram and Apple! But, based on my activity with these companies, Google would definitely be my third choice!! Or Chick-fil-a lol those waffle fries are wayyyyyyyy too good!!

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