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I saw Feitelberg from Barstool Sports tweet out a bunch of popular companies with the challenge being that you could only choose three of them to use. I thought it was interesting to see which ones he chose in his blog post, so I thought I would do it as well! Simply choose three companies out of the ten provided, except it wasn’t that easy.

feitelberg barstool sports

Gonna knock a few off the list real quick here. I h8 walmart and I’ve only eaten at chick-fil-a once so that can go too. I think I could do without amazon cuz there are so many other places to buy things and sorry, but starbucks has to go too cuz I can get caffeine elsewhere.

Next off the list is uber/lyft cuz I could always go old-school & get a taxi, or jump in a friend’s uber. I don’t need google, like I use it everyday, but I could look things up other ways. Now it’s getting a bit more tough, but honestly, I think twitter is the last to go. I would miss tweeting, but I would survive without it & there are other ways to share your thoughts on the internet.

So the winners are facebook/insta (but only for the insta), apple and netflix. It was a bit hard to choose between insta & twitter, but I feel like I use insta a bit more. I didn’t wanna get rid of apple cuz I would have to get rid of my phone, tablet & laptop. That’s too much work. And if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you’ll know I couldn’t possibly do without netflix. Gotta have my Netflix Originals to binge watch.

I hope you’re having a lovely week! In the comments, let me know which 3 you’d choose.




  1. I was so surprised to see you knocked off Google but then I saw the three you did pick and I can’t live without Insta/Apple/Netflix either! I could possibly have gotten rid of Apple as I could see myself trying other phone/tablet options but I can’t live with a PC instead of a MacBook!


  2. This was interesting! Never seen this before! I would go with only google and insta tbqh.

    I relocate quite often so I need to research places and things all the time. Im a little bit obsessed. And for insta it’s because my audience is bigger there than here on wordpress and the community is just great.

    It was a fun read, thanks for posting! And have a great Friday ❤😍❤😍❤


  3. EASY: Google because it’s a search engine that provides you never ending amounts of knowledge, and knowledge is power. Netflix because Vampire Diaries on repeat is perfect for every mood, and Insta cause posting on my story in the AM has become a crucial part of my morning routine. I could easily live off of everything else haha. This post was so much fun! 💛


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