september monthly favoritesSeptember is winding down & I have some favorites to share. It was warm this past week, but it’s finally starting to feel like fall here in New England today. We recently went apple picking, always fun, & I’m looking forward to pulling my cozy sweaters out! So here are my September monthly favorites, let’s do dis.

  1. This backpack
    • I visited Burlington, VT a few months back (check it out in my weekend in snaps) and this backpack found me. My brother, friend Jackie & I were in a shop & this backpack was in the sale section. I instantly grabbed it & knew I hadda have it. I noticed it was only $10, immediately bought it, put all my stuff in it & wore it for the rest of the weekend. I’ve been loving it this month!
  2. Glossier cloud paint – beam
    • I talked about this blusher in my glossier review post & I’m still really loving it. I’ve been wearing it almost every day since I got it about a month ago. It’s a beautiful peach shade and dabbing this gel-cream formula on my cheeks gives off a really natural glow. I definitely recommend it!
  3. This t-shirt
    • My parents came back from a road trip to North Carolina with this t-shirt for me. It’s from a brewery they visited & I absolutely love it! It’s so comfy & I always love a t-shirt more when someone gives it to me, I like that there’s a story behind it.
  4. If we were having coffee
    • Today is national coffee day or whatever, so I thought it made sense to tell you guys how much I’ve been loving the if we were having coffee posts! It’s nice to have a bit of a chatty catch-up & you guys seem to be liking them too.
  5. I’m in my friend’s wedding party!
    • My friend asked me to be in her wedding party & I’m so excited! We’ve been friends since we were 2 and 3 and I love this girl so much. Not to mention her fiancé is amazing! We’ve already started doing some planning & what-not & I’m just so happy to be a part of it all.

In da comments, tell me one positive thing that happened to you this month!

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