top favorite horror movies

Everyone is excited about fall, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite horror movies. I like a good scary movie while I’m cuddled up and sipping something warm. In my last horror movies post I mentioned a nightmare on elm street, it follows, poltergeist, insidious & the strangers. With October comes scary movies.

  1. Get Out
    • This one is good cuz it’s so different. It’s an interesting concept, almost funny at times while still being completely creepy. It definitely has some twists & turns that are fun to guess as you’re watching. It was Jordan Peele’s first film as a director & has a 99% score on rotten tomatoes. Worth a watch.
  2. The Sixth Sense
    • What’s a favorite horror movie list without M. Night Shyamalan? A genius when it comes to twist endings, I always end up liking a shyamalan movie. The sixth sense makes the list bcuz it has a twist ending so good that I re-watched it the very next day. Classic & intriguing.
  3. IT
    • No h8 for the new one, but I’m talking the original here. Nothing like a good clown movie to freak people out. Stephen King is another horror-genre genius. This mini-series just has so much creepiness & there’s something about a clown hiding in a sewer that’s unnerving.
  4. The Witch
    • This was a really cool one. One of those movies my bf and I immediately google afterwards to share fun facts & extra info cuz we need more! Being accused of being a witch used to be a huge deal in New England & I like how this movie depicts that.
  5. Paranormal Activity
    • I feel like this was a pretty big step in the whole found footage subgenre of horror films. When I saw this movie I remember thinking it was real at first and being so freaked out. I like that it plays off the idea of catching a real haunting on camera. The blair witch project is another really good found footage example.

p.s. All my good vibes go out to the people affected by what happened in Nevada last night. Donate, give blood, volunteer, smile at a stranger, do what you can to help!


COMMENT BELOW & tell me your all-time favorite scary movie!




  1. From this list I would say my favorite is Get Out, however I am a big fan of the Conjuring series and also the Annabelle movies. I just really like the story line of both The Conjuring and Annabelle.


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