halloween shirts

Cuz sometimes you just wanna drink craft beer & make spooky halloween t-shirts. You could use these for a costume, a halloween party, or just to wear anytime in the month of october (or whenever, idk). So much fun to make & equally as fun to wear, let’s do dis DIY halloween crew neck t-shirt thing.

Halloween shirt craft

We had an idea of what we wanted to do with our t-shirts, but wanted options, so we grabbed a buncha stuff from the craft store. We got three t-shirts (3 for $10, can’t go wrong), some fabric paint, paint brushes, googly eyes, glue & pom-poms. The other supplies we used were an x-acto knife, scissors, sharpie/pen & some cardboard. But honestly, you can use whatever you want for your t-shirt. So many options & all of this was right under $20, so definitely an inexpensive activity!

DIY halloween t-shirt

We didn’t end up using all the supplies we got, but it never hurts to have some extra crafty bits. I could see doing this with kids, with friends & beer, or even for a last minute halloween costume. Jackie made a jack-o-lantern and a Charlie Brown shirt & mine is distressed with some expertly placed skeleton hands. BUT you can decorate however you want! Jackie drew a face on her orange t-shirt & I cut the face out like you would carve a pumpkin. Then she used the yellow t-shirt to fill in the holes and make it look like it was glowing from the inside.

halloween t-shirts

Jackie made the stencil for my skeleton hands out of cardboard & then I used a paintbrush & white fabric paint to add them onto my shirt dress (I got a large so it would be really big). We used scissors to rip holes in my shirt to make it look a bit grungy and distressed. I kinda really love how they came out & it was a fairly cheap spooky craft! I low-key wanna just wear this around in the month of october cuz it’s close enough to halloween to get away with it (maybe).

COMMENT BELOW! I wanna know if there are any halloween crafts you like to do. And if you end up making your own halloween t-shirts, definitely let me know, I’d love to see them!


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