the keepers netflix original

Gonna keep this short & sweet, try not to spoil too much of the story. Leigh Ann (AKA leighannsays) talked about this show in her last favorites post, so I wanted to give it a go. The Keepers is a crime docuseries with only 7 episodes. I like the mystery of it all, but it definitely isn’t a feel-good watch. So, if you’re sensitive to crime or sexual abuse, there’s your trigger warning. Let’s get into this Netflix Original.

The Keepers is about a woman named Cathy Cesnik who disappeared in November of 1969 and was found 2 months later. Her murder has been unsolved since. This case came back into the news in the 90’s when some women came forward saying Father Joseph Maskell abused them at the high school where Cesnik was teaching.

So, there’s this whole sexual abuse vs. the church thing going on. All while these women are also trying to solve the case of who murdered Cesnik. Was it random? Was it because she knew what was going on with Maskell? The sexual abuse aspect made me think of a blog post from Sophie about why it’s important to believe the victims, or survivors. Give it a read if you’re interested, it’s nicely written and so genuine!

This netflix original definitely makes you think about some important (although sad and rather uncomfortable) topics. Not believing someone when they say they’ve been sexually abused is a confusing and sad reaction to me. It can be difficult because people lie & I get that. But still, do the right thing. Listen & spread love where people need it.

I hope everyone is having a lovely week & please let me know in the comments what I should watch next!




  1. I’ve heard about that series and I wanted to check that out. I’ll definitely add that on my list of things to watch. I recommend watching The Good Doctor, I’m really liking it so far.


      1. anytime 🙂 it’s about an autistic doctor, I like it a lot so far and I love all things crime and mystery so I’m sure I will.

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