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It’s been a couple months since my last empties post & I’ve been hoarding my trash to review! I really enjoy a good empties post because it’s nice to hear someone’s opinion on a product after they’ve used it all up & whether or not they’d buy it again. So, who wants to look at my trash? Let’s do dis.

Burt’s Bees gentle foaming cleanser

  • If ya didn’t know, I have super sensitive skin, so I try to use more natural products. I use this every night, so it’s nice that it cleans my face and takes my makeup off as well. I really love that it’s foamy & the royal jelly is supposed to help nourish your skin.
  • REPURCHASE: yes, a couple times now!

Evo Fabuloso color intensifying conditioner

  • For those of you like me that bleach your hair, purple shampoo & conditioner can really help keep your blonde bright rather than brassy. I’ve used quite a few purple conditioners, but this is one of my faves. It smells lovely & it’s really helped keep my blonde brighter.
  • REPURCHASE: yup, just did.

Hempz Treats vanilla creme brûlée body wash

  • I grabbed this at Marshall’s one day cuz I’m not really loyal to one specific body wash & am always grabbing different kinds when I run out. This one smells absolutely amazing if you like a sweet vanilla scent & it lathers pretty decently.
  • REPURCHASE: yeah, I snagged another one at a different Marshall’s.

Scentsational tobacco & vanilla candle

  • I think I’ve talked about this candle in a few posts now. I’m trying to switch over to soy candles, so I actually have quite a few from this brand. I get them from Marshall’s so they aren’t very expensive & the smell reminds me of my grampa (he smoked a tobacco pipe). It fills the room, but isn’t overpowering & it burns really evenly!
  • REPURCHASE: Absolutely, every time I spot one at Marshall’s.

Lush tea tree toner water

  • Okay, I talk about this ALL the time, so I won’t bore ya. Just a light & refreshing toner water with tea tree cuz my skin LOVES tea tree! Plus Lush doesn’t test on animals & they use really natural ingredients. 10/10 would recommend.
  • REPURCHASE: always & before I run out.

Boscia charcoal pore pudding mask

  • This face mask has swirls of black charcoal to absorb impurities & white charcoal, which moisturizes. I really like this one, it leaves my skin refreshed & soft when I wake up the next morning. If you wanna know more of my thoughts, I reviewed the charcoal pore pudding mask back in January!
  • REPURCHASE: I’m not sure, probably eventually, but there’s so many face masks I wanna try!

Origins GinZing energy-boosting moisturizer

  • This smells of oranges which I think is just so nice & I really like this brand. They’re against animal testing & use natural ingredients. I must have put this in my favorites at some point, it’s light, the scent is invigorating & it moisturizes without being heavy.
  • REPURCHASE: I’m actually using a different origins moisturizer right now, but I would definitely repurchase at some point.

Burt’s Bees hydrating sheet mask

  • I wrote a whole review on this sheet mask, but it was kinda meh for me overall. My face was a bit too small & it slid around a little. It was fun to try though & my skin did feel nice the next morning!
  • REPURCHASE: probably not, I don’t think the sheet mask life is the life for me.

Walgreen’s saline solution

  • I got this to clean my piercings & it worked. Nothing special, lol. But it was trash & it did do it’s job, so I thought I’d mention it!
  • REPURCHASE: if I got another piercing.

Garnier micellar cleansing water

  • Everyone loves this & everyone is right. I put some of this on a cotton pad to take off my eye makeup. It doesn’t sting my eyes and I don’t have to rub to get my makeup off. I bought a sample cuz I wanted to make sure it wasn’t just hyped up & I haven’t used anything else since.
  • REPURCHASE: already got the full size!

Olivina olive body wash

  • This has a really faint natural scent to it & what I really loved is how sudsy it got! I like when a body wash has a good lather. Another Marshall’s find, they don’t have a bad selection of bath stuff.
  • REPURCHASE: if I saw it I would grab it.


If you’ve tried any of these products, I’d love to know what you think of them in da comments!

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