hamster halloween costumes

OKAY this may seem extra, but I just felt like I needed to make a Halloween costume (or two) for my hamster. I thought of it one morning & just hadda do it. Kyrie is a teddy bear hamster named after Kyrie Irving, who’s currently on the Celtics. I had a lotta ideas, but settled on his Celtics jersey & a slice of pizza. SO yeah, I made some hamster Halloween costumes, lol, here we go.

hamster celtics jersey

This was pretty easy! I went to the craft store & bought a buncha felt, but had everything else I needed. For the jersey I used green & white felt & white fabric paint. I cut out the ones to make the eleven & glued those onto the green jersey. Then I used a brush to write ‘IRVING’ with the fabric paint. I added a little strap that went over his head so he could still walk around in it. Just living up to his name & looking adorable in his celtics jersey!

hamster pizza costume

The pizza is yellow and tan felt, plus red so I could make pepperonis.

I glued the tan crust to the yellow triangle, glued on the pepperonis & the hamster pizza costume was done! This isn’t actually attached to him, I just laid it on top of him. You could add a strap if you wanted it to stay on and be more practical, but it’s not like he’s walking around his cage wearing his pizza costume, so I skipped that step.

disclaimer: no hamsters were harmed in the making of this blog post & I’m not playing favorites, isaiah (our other hamster) is a roborovski, so he’s really small & fast, he woulda hated wearing a costume!

COMMENT BELOW & let me know what your pets are being for Halloween!




  1. That is so, so, so CUTE!🤩😍😝😝🤪😀😃🤣😂I love the pizza costume! I dress my dog up for Halloween as SUPERDOG (Supergirl). Anyway this year 2018 will be my first Halloween with my cat KYLO, still thinking about it!
    Your post was adorable and gave me some ideas! Continue to wow your followers with cuteness and your awesome hamster!
    Also will you check out my travel blog when you get the chance!


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