skeleton hands t-shirt dressThis past weekend we celebrated both halloween, or halloweekend, & brett’s birthday! With halloween being tomorrow, I thought I’d create a look with this skeleton hands t-shirt dress. I know not everyone celebrates, but I feel like this could be worn just for the spooky season & not necessarily have to be a costume.

I paired the t-shirt dress with black tights & my over-the-knee boots. The rips along with the placement of the skeleton hands makes this a bit inappropriate for work, but I could see wearing this to carve pumpkins, go to a haunted house, or for any other sort of spooky activity. People wear holiday sweaters for christmas, why not be festive for halloween as well?

I actually DIYed this t-shirt in my boos, brews & halloween crews post if you want to check out how it was made!

In da comments, let me know what you were for halloween, or how your weekend was if you don’t celebrate. Brett & I were bugs bunny & lola from space jam & we had a blast!

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