museum of science electricity

On Sunday my friends & I figured we’d re-live our childhoods & go to the Museum of Science, a science museum & indoor zoo in Boston. I’ve been a buncha times when I was younger, but it was a blast to re-visit as an adult(ish). There are so many interactive exhibits & things to see, I couldn’t capture it all, but I got some of my favorite moments. SO, here’s my SUNDAY IN SNAPS!

The picture above is of the lightening room where they do live presentations & electricity stuff. Behind that is the mathematica exhibit where there’s a bunch of interactive things with moving pieces to look at & touch. I h8 math, but I actually thought it was really cool & pretty interesting.

It just so happened that Gridiron Glory was at the museum when we were visiting, so we were able to see a bunch of memorabilia from the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It was so cool to see all the old uniforms & I learned that some football players’ thighs come up to my chest, lol. On the right is a life-size model of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

This exhibit is called ‘the light house’ and was full of fun ways to think about light & shadows. There was even a piece that simulated that snapchat face swap filter in real life, kinda neat. With the shadow wall & fun-house mirror effects, this one is pretty good, definitely a must see if you ever visit the museum.

On the left is me taking a moment to check out the beautiful view of the Charles River from inside the museum. And the right is Mia dancing away in front of the light & shadows wall in ‘the light house’ exhibit. We had a lotta fun with that one!

Seriously, we had quite a few laughs being silly with this wall.

Like I said, the Museum of Science has so many interactive things to look at & touch! I got to test out the latest in wheelchair technology with this freedom chair. It allows the user to maneuver off-road & over bumps. This exhibit featured a bunch of new technology created by people around Boston, which I think is pretty neat.

(📸 & 📹 of me: courtesy of Mia’s snap story)


COMMENT BELOW & tell me one positive thing that happened to you this weekend! ALSO, what’s your favorite museum?




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