Dear Netflix, Stop Getting Rid of All The Good Shows

it's always sunny in philadelphiaOKAY, enough. Netflix has gotta stop caring more about having exclusive rights to shows than about having shows people wanna watch. Taking away 3 of my top 5 favorite shows in the matter of a few months is too much. Emergency blog topic change, let’s do dis.

It started when I went to search for The League one day cuz I didn’t see it in my ‘continue watching’ queue. It didn’t show up in the search results & as someone who’s seen every episode like 10 times each, I wasn’t thrilled. As of today, How I Met Your Mother is off Netflix. I’m not happy about that either. I do have the whole series on DVD, so I’ll survive, but still. AND NOW. Last night I found out that they’re taking It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia off next month. HOW could you do that? Sunny is my go-to show to throw on, my happy-mood show, that one show that can always make me laugh no matter what.

Am I gonna have to get Hulu so I can watch my favorite shows? I don’t have enough storage space to have them all on DVD & Netflix won’t keep the shows unless they have exclusive rights. People are in an uproar on Twitter (lol, an exaggeration) threatening to cancel their subscriptions (actually happening). I don’t wanna cancel Netflix though, what about all the Netflix Originals, like Stranger Things (review coming soon) Bloodline? If you’ve been here awhile, you’ll know that I have a series reviewing Netflix Originals, so you could say I like Netflix a bit. But fuck them for taking away How I Met Your Mother, The League AND It’s Always Sunny. What am I supposed to watch now?

Any & all suggestions for funny, half-hour sitcoms on Netflix are welcome in the comments. Don’t leave me Hulu suggestions, I’m not ready yet.

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49 thoughts on “Dear Netflix, Stop Getting Rid of All The Good Shows

  1. Netflix took away my favorite movie, White Chicks. I find it ironic that Netflix are taking out the good shows while they decided to charge us more a few months ago. But Netflix is not bad if you compare it to cable that keeps repeating the same shows all year long.


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