stranger things review

Since Monday’s post was a rant about Netflix getting rid of all the good shows, I figured it only made sense to write my Stranger Things 2 review today! It’s a Netflix Original, in case you haven’t heard of it for some reason. I’ve watched the second season twice & I’m ready to share my low-spoiler thoughts.

Stranger Things is based in the 80’s and centers around a group of kids, a group of inseparable best friends. It’s a sci-fi thriller of sorts & has so many little shouts to classic movies, which I think is quite fun. Winona Ryder does a spectacular job as Will’s mum & there are even a few new faces this season. I especially liked Sean Astin as Bob, such an amazing actor & just absolutely great casting overall. There are some strange pairings this season, but they all work so well & pull out exactly what’s needed from each character!

The first season follows the boys and their new friend El as they deal with a dilemma that is both extremely real and a little out of this world. The second season takes place about a year later & finds the friends running into even more trouble as they move between the upside down and the real world, trying to save Will for good (hopefully). This season feels more cinematic, the visual effects are pretty epic. Relationships evolve, characters develop & the story unfolds dramatically while complimenting the first season quite nicely.

SPOILER: Here’s to hoping season 3 has a bit more Eleven & a bit less sad Mike. Also, impatiently waiting for Hopper & Joyce Byers to get together. Anyone else?




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