meundies reviewI think it’s really interesting the stuff people buy because we’re exposed to it all the time. It seems as though if one youtuber is talking about it, then all the youtubers are talking about it. In this case, I watch Jenna & Julien’s podcast and since MeUndies sponsors them, naturally, I got curious. So I ordered some stuff to quell my curiosity. YouTube made me buy it, let’s do dis.

To truly try out the brand, I figured I’d get a few different styles (bikini & thong) as well as some no-show socks. The material is super soft, which makes these undies pretty damn comfy, feels like you’re wearing nothing. I tried them under leggings & it gives a pretty smooth look, which is always nice. No one wants panty lines. I went with a plain pink pair, a space cadet pair & skull socks. The socks are thicker than I expected and pretty cushiony.

MeUndies claims their products are wicked soft due to the micromodal fabric & honestly it’s kinda hard to disagree. They are really soft. Plus, I love all the cool patterns & that you can have matching undies with your partner since they come in men’s & women’s. And if monthly subscription boxes are your thing, they do that as well!

VERDICT: YouTube made me buy MeUndies & I’m not actually that mad about it, kinda want some Christmas ones now!

Have you ever bought anything because of YouTube? Let me know in da comments!

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