monthly favorites

It’s nearing the end of the month & that means I have some monthly favorites to share! Bit chillier out these days, so I have some cozy faves this month. This is the last post before blogmas & I wanna talk about the things I’ve been loving lately.

monthly favorites:

    • It’s a nice time of year to take a moment & think about what you’re grateful for! Plus, ya can’t really go wrong with good food & drinks with loved ones. Now onto Christmas.
    • This was in one of my outfit of the day posts, I’ve been wearing it a lot this month! What’s not to love? It’s super warm, it’s from Target & my mum surprised me with it. That’s pretty much all I need in a blanket scarf, plus the color combo matches a lot. 🙌🏻
  3. GLOSSIER BALM DOTCOM – birthday
    • I’ve talked about this lip balm before. I have it in mint, but I wanted another flavor so I could stash them around. When I re-purchased boy-brow (empties post spoiler!) I got another lip balm, this time in the flavor birthday. It smells like cake & has just a subtle shimmer, LOVE it.
    • November is a bit early for candles that smell like Christmas trees, but I decorated a few weeks ago (lol) so I’ve been burning this lately! I like having tree scented candles to make the condo smell festive since our tree is fake.
  5. SLIPPERS – Mukluks
    • I wear these around the house every day as soon as it gets chilly enough out for slippers. They’re so comfy & the back is red plaid, such a cute touch! I like slippers that are like booties & they’re fuzzy inside, so they’re wicked warm.
  6. Stranger Things – Netflix Original
    • Pretty sure everyone binged this when it came out & if you haven’t, give it a watch! The visuals are epic & it’s such a cool story with some absolutely amazing acting. I wrote a review if you’d like to hear more of my thoughts! I tried to spoil as little as possible.

COMMENT BELOW & tell me something pretty, something positive that happened to you this past month, a monthly favorite!


JAM ❤️


  1. Might have to go check out your review of Stranger Things, I’ve been trying to not throw myself into a new show before school is out, but reading things like this make it hard not to! 😉


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