My Spotify Top 12 Songs of 2017 (Blogmas Day 6)

spotify top songs 2017

This may come as a bit of a surprise, but I’m actually not the biggest fan of Christmas music. I’ll listen to some of the more pop versions of holiday music, but it’s not my favorite thing. I’m much more interested in sappy festive movies than I am with sappy festive music. Spotify created a playlist with my top songs of 2017, so I thought I’d share that instead since 2017 is coming to a close!

  1. HUMBLE – Kendrick Lamar
    • I was obsessed with his new album DAMN. & this song was no exception!
  2. Straightjacket – Quinn XCII
    • I love the beat to this song & the singer has a cool voice, easy to listen to.
  3. Malibu – Miley Cyrus
    • LOL who even am I? But I mean, come on, this is a catchy song.
  4. Ghost – Telehope
    • This is kinda like indie/pop. I love the instruments & another neat voice.
  5. Drifter – Passafire
    • I’ve seen these guys in concert, they’re amazing & so friendly! This is one from their new album Longshot, check them out if you like reggae/rock.
  6. Everybody – Logic
    • I’ve loved Logic for years, there’s just something about his music that’s unique. This is from his new album Everybody.
  7. Brushed Down Kilos – James Quick
    • This guy’s voice is a bit raspy & so soothing.
  8. iSpy (feat. Lil Yachty) – KYLE
    • I was super into this song for a few months, I definitely overplayed it. It’s a fun song with a nice beat, one of those songs that makes me smile.
  9. Bright – Passafire
    • Here’s Passafire again, this song is really good too. The vocals are excellent & the instruments are just as good.
  10. Roll the Bones – Shakey Graves
    • I love a good raspy singing voice. His music is described as a mix of blues, folk & rock n roll, definitely has a unique sound.
  11. Strong As An Oak – Watsky
    • WATSKY. I watched him on YouTube years ago & he has since put out a lotta good music. I’d describe his style as hip-hop, but he started with slam poetry, which I’ve always thought was so cool.
  12. Gaims – KAMAU
    • This one always brings a smile to my face, so upbeat & the lyrics are fun.

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