5 Gifts That Give Back (Blogmas Day 9)

socially conscious brandsI like a good brand that donates, or helps the world in some way when you buy from them. If I can get a gift that someone is going to love while supporting a company that cares about the world, that’s what I’m gonna do. Gift ideas from companies that give back, let’s do dis blogmas day 9 stuff.

  1. Elephant Pants
    • I have a pair just like this, I wore them in an OOTD post this past summer, except my friend Emma got them for me in Malaysia! With this brand, a portion of every sale goes to saving the elephants. They’ve donated to multiple elephant-saving organizations & they have so many styles of elephant pants, plus more stuff to choose from. 🐘
  2. Cause Box
    • This would be perfect for someone who liked subscription boxes and socially conscious brands. Each season you get a new box filled with products that help create a better world. The boxes include beauty products, accessories, apparel, artwork, etc. & they work with brands that are cruelty-free. They even partner with brands & charities to help raise and donate funds!
  3. Warby Parker
    • I’ve had these glasses for about a year now (pictured above) & I love them so much, definitely nice to switch up my look a bit! They do this thing called ‘buy a pair, give a pair’ where for each pair sold, they give a pair to someone who needs them. Pretty cool if you ask me. I wrote a review all about ordering them online, trying them on, etc. if you’re interested!
  4. Better World Books
    • I was an English major in college & was certainly raised to love books. This company donates a book every time someone buys one from them. They also raise funds for literacy and libraries, reuse and recycle books & their employees are offered paid time to encourage them to volunteer. Books are important & reading is cool. ✌🏻
  5. Love Your Melon
    • I think I talked about this in my first ‘gifts that give back‘ post, but I’m still loving this beanie (pictured above) & I’m still loving their message. Half of what they make is given to nonprofit partners as well as hosting beanie donation events throughout the year. A company dedicated to donating a beanie to every child battling cancer in America? Sounds good to me.
  6. Shop local!
    • Idk about you, but I’d much rather buy my morning coffee at a small coffee shop where they know my name. There’s something nice about buying holiday gifts from a local shop, supporting local & creating a sense of community!

Let me know in da comments if there are any cool brands you love that give back!

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24 thoughts on “5 Gifts That Give Back (Blogmas Day 9)

  1. “Idk about you, but I’d much rather buy my morning coffee at a small coffee shop where they know my name.” Sooo true!! And they sell it at a much cheaper price which is a win-win ❤


  2. I admit I am a huge consumer and I even joke about being basic. (guilty as charged) BUT I love products that give back or come from small companies. It makes the gifts much more special! Also I am actually wearing my Love Your Melon beanie right now as I read your post. I love them and it is such a great cause! ❤


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