Netflix Original – A Christmas Prince (Blogmas Day 12)

Netflix A Christmas Prince

December means my Netflix Original review is a holiday special. I was SO excited to see Rose McIver (the girl from iZombie) in this one, knew I hadda watch & review it. I’m gonna try to talk about A Christmas Prince without spoiling too much, but honestly, it’s not a hard plot line to figure out lol.

Rose McIver plays a reporter named Amber who goes undercover to get the inside scoop on the prince of Aldovia. I won’t spoil it completely, but I think it’s a plot line we’ve all seen before. They do definitely put their own twist on the story, but Christmas movies are all pretty similar, ya know? There’s always a meet cute, someone falls in love & throw a holiday miracle in there for good measure. It’s a positive, feel-good movie and McIver is her best, quirky, not-a-zombie-in-this-one self. It’s terrible in the best way.

If you like cheesy holiday movies (ME) and or like Rose McIver (also me) I’d say it’s worth a watch! Idk what they’re doing right, but I’ve really enjoyed the Netflix Originals I’ve watched so far, keep it up Netflix.

We’re halfway through blogmas & I’ve been loving it! COMMENT BELOW & tell me something pretty about your holiday season so far.



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