Holiday Food & Drink – Collab with Glücksgeist (Blogmas Day 13)

holiday food and drink

Ann-Kathrin messaged me on Insta asking if I wanted to collab & I was so excited! Over on her blog she’s talking about some German stuff she likes to eat in December, go check it out. She’s so lovely and she blogs about baking, beauty, fashion & more. I like her blog & you might too! So, we’re gonna do a little food comparison, let’s talk about what I like to eat during the holidays.

cranberry moscow mule recipe

This year I made cranberry moscow mules with homemade simple syrup. They came out so festive & delicious! The ginger and lime with the cranberry adds the perfect amount of sweetness. Another thing I like to sip on during the holidays is hot cocoa with baileys. There are few things more cozy than putting on a stupid holiday film while sipping from a huge, Christmassy mug of boozy hot chocolate.

lemon cookie recipe

My mum makes cookie tins (with these lemon cookies & more) every year to hand out & they’re so delicious. 🙌🏻 When I lived with my parents I loved that the house smelt of cookies all month long. And for as long as I can remember, we’ve always had ham pickle finger sandwiches at our holiday get-togethers. I think other people call it ham salad, it’s basically mayo, ham, pickles, etc. It’s SO good.

gingerbread village blogmas

I feel like I can’t let a holiday food post go by without mentioning the epic gingerbread village that my friend Jackie & I made last year. Making gingerbread houses is such a traditional holiday thing & you get to eat the candy while you’re making them! But I think my very favorite holiday food is the cinnamon rolls my parents make on Christmas morning. The house smells sweet & cinnamony, and it’s such a cozy treat that goes great with our morning coffee.

Go check out Ann-Kathrin’s post if you wanna hear about some German treats she eats in December!

COMMENT BELOW & tell me your favorite thing to eat or drink during the holidays!



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