Friend VS Boyfriend – Holiday Edition (Blogmas Day 14)

A video for blogmas day 14! My friend vs. my boyfriend. I asked them 11 questions (some holiday themed, some not) and saw who could answer more correctly to get the most points! We poured some drinks, had some laughs, I wore my reindeer onesie, this one was definitely a lotta fun. Friend vs. boyfriend, who’s gonna win?

There were 11 questions total, the first 5 worth 50 points each & the second 5 worth 100 points each. And then we had a ‘final jeopardy’ round where they could wager their points for the last question, loser takes a shot. Watch da video to find out who won!

A big thank you to these two for creating this vid with me, thank you to Jackie for helping me edit & thanks to YOU for watching. 😊

I’ve definitely been loving trying out some new things this blogmas, lemme know in the comments what you’ve been loving so far in December!



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