I’m Talking Krampus (Blogmas Day 15)

legend of krampus

Today we’re talking about Krampus, a mythical part-goat, part-demon and a big contrast to friendly Santa Claus. This Christmas devil doesn’t look anything like the above picture, that’s from an episode of The League where Taco dresses as Krampus, which is really just his Mr. McGibblets suit. Bcuz it’s an amazing & holiday-appropriate episode & where I learned about Krampus. I actually thought the show made him up at first, but this cranky holiday demon is very real (kinda).


Basically, Krampus punishes the ‘naughty’ kids by stuffing them in his bag & bringing them home to his lair to eat them, or punish them. His name originates from the German word ‘krampen’ which means claw. And he sure has those. Not as popular as his counterpart Santa and as Taco from The League so elegantly put it ‘another mall Santa and no Krampus.’ Honestly I can’t imagine Krampus being sat in the mall, I think that would scare everyone, not just the kids.I watched a movie last year called ‘Krampus’ and it was pretty good honestly. Not a feel-good movie at all, but it was creepy & interesting. It has a decent cast with Adam Scott, Toni Collette & Stefania LaVie Owen, among others. This family is together for Christmas and have lost the holiday spirit, so Krampus & his hooves are after them. If you’re feeling a bit bah-humbug this season, Krampus might be worth checking out!

PLEASE let me know in the comments if your parents ever told you the legend of Krampus to get you to behave during the holidays! I gotta know.



15 thoughts on “I’m Talking Krampus (Blogmas Day 15)

  1. I’ve known about Krampus for a long while, but I had a twisted childhood where I also read the book shockheaded Peter (Look it up if you’ve not heard of it, if you like Krampus, you might just love it). I much prefer the darker side of things and the whole dragging kids to hell for a year over leaving a lump of coal completely appeals to me 😂


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