Holiday Movies I’ve Been Loving (Blogmas Day 16)

top holiday movies

I like to know what types of holiday movies people like to watch & I also like to watch some odd ones that aren’t your typical Christmas movie. These aren’t necessarily my favorites (although I shared my favorite holiday movies last year), more just some that I’ve watched recently and enjoyed. So, here are some holiday movies I’ve been loving this year!

  1. A Christmas Prince
    • This Netflix Original came out this year & it’s actually quite cute. Rose McIver from iZombie plays a reporter who has to write a story on the Prince. She sneaks her way into the palace & the shenanigans begin. I reviewed A Christmas Prince last week if you wanna know a bit more!
  2. Happy Christmas
    • I find parts of this movie extremely annoying, but I’ve seen it twice now & still think it’s kinda funny. Plus, Anna Kendrick’s in it and Melanie Lynskey who plays Rose on Two And A Half Men, so it makes the list. It’s quirky, it’s a bit odd, it’s not your typical holiday movie, but it’s cute.
  3. 12 Dates of Christmas
    • Amy Smart has to do Christmas Eve over & over again until she gets it right. This is a cute one & has a cool message, I definitely like watching her character grow and figure out how not to be a grinch throughout the movie.
  4. Four Christmases
    • I mean, with Vince Vaughn & Reese Witherspoon you kinda can’t go wrong. This bah-humbug couple goes from planning a tropical vacation for the holidays to attending four Christmases to see both families. Pretty funny, definitely worth a watch & totally relatable if you have a big fam!
  5. Fred Claus
    • Another Vince Vaughn one for ya. This one is pretty funny & definitely a bit different. I can imagine it would be quite hard to be Santa’s brother, but if anyone can outshine Santa and save Christmas, it’s Vince Vaughn for sure.

What holiday movie have you watched & loved lately? There’s still so much time for holiday movie binging!



41 thoughts on “Holiday Movies I’ve Been Loving (Blogmas Day 16)

  1. I still have not seen a Christmas prince and it is killing me! Lol. Fred Clause is hysterical! I love the Santa Clause, White Christmas, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and of course alll the Hallmark movies! 💗


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