Making Sugar Cookies With My Mum (Blogmas Day 20)


One of my favorite Christmas traditions is helping my mum bake cookies. She makes cookie tins to hand out to family & friends during the holidays and I help her make some of them. There’s like 5 different kinds, it’s a whole crazy cookie thing. The other day I went over to my parent’s place so we could make & decorate sugar cookies! Had some baileys on ice & made an afternoon of it.

Last year I shared lemon cookies & this year I’m sharing some easy sugar cookies! We went straight in with flouring the rolling pin and rolling out the sugar cookie dough. Once the stars & trees are cut out, they go onto a baking sheet. These only take about 8 minutes in the oven & then my mum lays them out on parchment paper to cool.

sugar cookies blogmas

Once they’re cool, it’s the fun part, the decorating part. The frosting is 1 1/2 cup confectioners sugar, 1/3 cup crisco, 1/8 cup milk (& a bit more) and 1/4 tsp. pure vanilla extract. My mum always does the frosting while I do the red & green sprinkles, kind of a little tradition we have.

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