Christmas Eve Then & Now (Blogmas Day 24)

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Merry Christmas Eve, hope it’s a lovely one. That’s me on santa’s lap & I’m wishing that sweater still fit me, so festive! Every year at this party the adults picked one guy from our family to dress up as santa & give out gifts. I remember trying to figure out who had left the party & guessing who was dressed as santa. Since it’s Christmas Eve I thought it’d be fun to share some throwbacks from Christmas Eves of the past.

christmas eve holiday

This is a bunch of my cousins and that’s me on the ground in the middle wearing red. We would all crowd into one house for homemade pizza and festive shenanigans, like santa passing out our gifts. Once it got late all the kids would change into pajamas. Mostly cuz we always fell asleep on the ride home. Christmas Eves make up a lot of good memories.

christmas eve tradition

This one is from the year before last. Now that we’re a bit older, we go house hopping so we can see everyone. We visit with most of the same people from the old Christmas Eve parties, but we wait to put pajamas on until we get home, lol.

Whether we’re eating homemade pizza with fake santa or sipping cocktails by the fire, spending Christmas Eve with these people is always lovely.

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