2017 in review

I usually post on Monday, but honestly, had too much fun celebrating the new year with my friends & decided to post today instead. Sharing some pictures sort of like a 2017 in review, some of the bigger moments captured this year. One more post looking back before moving forward with 2018, here’s 17 MOMENTS CAPTURED IN 2017.

ONE: The Patriots had the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history when they were down 25 points to the Falcons & then ended up beating them 34-28. It was fucking amazing.

TWO: My parents kitten Murphy turned one & was gorgeously photogenic sometimes. He’s a little brat, but at the same time he’s also the sweetest. Cat stuff.

THREE: My brother, friend Jackie, & I went to visit our friend Tim who lives in Burlington, VT. I documented my weekend in snaps & we had so much fun exploring the city.

FOUR: I had a concussion. It was really bad for a few months, but I (mostly) stayed positive, forgot some words & remembered what it was like to not stare at screens all the time.

FIVE: We went on our annual family beach vacation (always so much fun!) & my friend Jackie taught me how to skimboard. Can’t wait to keep working on it next summer.

SIX: This is my niece, not by blood, but I’ve known Val since I was 3 so, pretty much. Have to mention how much Aubs has grown in 2017! In August during our beach vacation she wasn’t walking yet & now she’s running around, giving the best hugs & being the sweetest lil thing I’ve ever seen.

SEVEN: I went camping for the first time & we went back to our college stomping grounds to celebrate our friend Chad’s birthday. I was actually wicked nervous to camp (lol), but all my friends being there definitely helped & I actually had a great night.

EIGHT: We went to a Rebelution concert, they’re a reggae band & they’re amazing live. It was an absolutely incredible show & we’re actually going to see them again soon, so can’t wait to do this again in 2018.

NINE: Took the day off work & went to the beach with Mia & Jackie to watch the solar eclipse. It was pretty damn cool to watch the sun be completely blocked by the moon.

TEN: I went golfing with my dad a few times this year & my parents got me a golf bag for xmas. I love hanging out with my parents, so any excuse to learn some golf things & see my dad is good with me.

ELEVEN: We went to some amazing weddings this year. So much love!

TWELVE: We got a long-haired syrian hamster & named him Kyrie after Kyrie Irving. He’s the sweetest little mild-tempered dude & he even let me dress him up in Halloween costumes & an ugly sweater, lol.

THIRTEEN: It was my blog’s 2 year blogiversary in October & it’s just so crazy that don’t give a jam has been live on the interwebs for that long, idk.

FOURTEEN: We dressed up as Bugs & Lola from space jam for a Halloween party & it was definitely my favorite costume we’ve done so far. The props were cool & I was pretty damn comfy too, got to wear sneakers.

FIFTEEN: Went to a few Celtics games and some Red Sox too. My boyfriend & I love going into Boston to watch our teams play, but it’s even better when we can get our friends to go with us!

SIXTEEN: My friends. From friendsgiving, an ugly sweater party, so many birthdays & let’s-hang-out-for-no-reasons my friends are pretty cool & I’m happy to have them.

SEVENTEEN: don’t give a jam. Excited to see what 2018 has in store for da blog.

Let me know in the comments what your favorite moment of 2017 was. And let me know what you’d like to see more of on the blog in 2018. CHEERS!


JAM ⭐️

61 thoughts on “17 MOMENTS CAPTURED IN 2017

  1. Loved this! What great memories you had in 2017! Though the Pats making a comeback was definitely my least favorite ;p
    Bwahaha sorry could not resist. Actually confession (and all my NE fans are rubbing it in my face) I think I am rooting for them in the Superb, because I hate the Eagles that much!
    Also so much fun you went to Burlington! Such a fun little town! I love the Skinny pancake! ❤ I hope 2018 is an amazing and adventurous year for you sweets! ❤


      1. Hehe actually with the way my team played, I don’t think I like football anymore and will just stick with hockey; p
        Growing up in NE but with my mom from NJ, my family is split. But my brother, the flipping traitor, (said with love..kinda) married my SIL who is from Boston and since they had kids he has gone from being die hard NY to slowly rooting for NE. And my oldest sister is diehard NE lives in NY and is married to a Jets fan (not that it makes it MUCH better, but I am Giants lol) The sports dynamics in my family are enough to create a soap opera lol.
        And yes I hate the Eagles. Hate them! Did I mention I hate them? lol.
        It really is! And such great food! I LOVE Church Street! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m not sure how I came upon your blog, but I’m glad I did! After wandering through your posts, I’ve determined I really like you and your blogs, so I followed 🙂 This is such a cute idea for a blog post, though! 2017 was a very successful and happy year for me, so I totally want to re-create this idea on my own blog for a little look back on 2017. I think it’s cute and great way to reminisce on the past year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. so glad you like the blog! I followed ya back 😊 I really enjoyed putting this post together, so nice to look back on pictures from throughout the year! glad to hear it was a good year for you 🙌🏻


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