LIEBSTER AWARD! (12, 13, 14, 15, 16 & 17)

liebster award

LOL oops. I’ve definitely let some of these award posts build up as I didn’t post any during blogmas. I like doing these bcuz I think it’s fun to answer the questions, but mostly I like doing them bcuz I like to support other blogs & share some I’ve been loving lately. TODAY I have a buncha questions to answer for the Liebster Award.


  • Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger gave to you
  • Nominate at least 5, but no more than 11 bloggers who deserve the award
  • Tell those bloggers you nominated them!
  • Create 11 original questions for the nominees to answer


sarahjuneblog – a lifestyle blog written by a lover of coffee & writing

  1. How long have you been blogging for?
    • don’t give a jam had a 2 year blogiversary recently, so this blog has been on the interwebs for a little over 2 years now.
  2. Have you considered uploading to YouTube?
    • I uploaded a few videos during blogmas & liked it. I haven’t uploaded any videos to YouTube. Yet.
  3. What do you like to blog about most?
    • I really like outfit posts & the coffee chats are fun. Trying to think of a better name for them tho. Dressing up my hamster is fun too, lol.
  4. Where is your favorite place you’ve traveled to?
    • Virginia was pretty cool.
  5. What made you want to start blogging?
    • I wanted a creative outlet to write about anything I wanted.
  6. What is the most frustrating thing about blogging?
    • When I post something then find a typo later.
  7. Favorite series to watch at the moment?
  8. What is your favorite Christmas tradition?
    • Spending time with family & champagne drinks.
  9. Are you open about your blog?
    • Yeah.
  10. Twitter or Instagram?

oriana’a notes – blogs about fashion, DIY, travel, etc.

  1. Do you do something special for Christmas or celebrate in a traditional way?
    • We have traditions, like having cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning, but I guess overall it’s pretty traditional?
  2. Are you a cat person or a dog person?
    • I grew up with a cat and I’ve always wanted a dog.
  3. Can you wear heels all day?
    • Sure can.
  4. What is your favorite color?
    • Black & if you don’t consider that a color, then blue.
  5. Which genre do you prefer, books & films included?
    • I like watching scary movies & dramas I guess. Oh and comedies.
  6. Who is your favorite blogger?
    • me. lol.
  7. Which is the worst side of modern society, in your opinion?
    • Making our lives look perfect on social media.
  8. How did you choose your blog name?
    • I wanted it to be a pun with my name. I spent a really long time brainstorming & bothering my entire family with ideas. Then I kinda just couldn’t get ‘don’t give a jam’ out of my head so I went with it.
  9. Which is your favorite blog post on your blog?
    • I really liked my BF picks my OOTDs post where my boyfriend picked my outfits for a week. BF does my ASOS shop is coming up soon!
  10. How much time do you generally spend on cooking?
    • A little over an hour? Maybe an hour & a half.

cindie-lifestyle – lifestyle blog

  1. What are your fears as a blogger?
    • I can’t really think of any, I don’t feel fearful about blogging.
  2. How do you increase your stats?
    • I put effort into my blogs & engage with readers & other bloggers.
  3. What is your advice to new bloggers?
    • Write about stuff you know & love. Also have fun & be your own self.
  4. How/what are the things you do to get more followers?
    • I’m not sure, I guess sharing stuff on social media helps? Being genuine? Idk.
  5. Do you blog for money?
    • Nope.

lizinlosangeles – lifestyle blog with style, beauty, travel & wellness

  1. If you can take someone wth you in your travels, who would it be?
    • My boyfriend or my friends.
  2. Bike or train?
    • Neither?
  3. For what in your life do you feel most grateful?
    • Love.
  4. Give a travel tip to travelers.
    • My dad always tells me to take the snacks they offer on the airplane, even if you’re not hungry. Cuz you’ll be hungry later, ya know?
  5. Give a tip to other bloggers or potential blog starters.
    • Write what you love & have fun writing it.
  6. What is your favorite dish?
    • Breakfast.
  7. What would you do for a klondike bar?
    • Not much honestly. The heath bar ones are pretty good though.
  8. Have you ever visited a place just because you saw it in a book/series/movie?
    • Does going into your closet thinking it might turn into Narnia count?

zedlifestyle – lifestyle blog with fashion, food, beauty & travel

  1. Why did you start blogging?
    • I wanted a creative outlet to write about anything I wanted.
  2. Who is your favorite blogger or who inspires you?
    • Everyone inspires me.
  3. List a fact not many people know about you.
    • Keeping this one a secret.
  4. What is your first post & why did you write it?
  5. What would you rather have with your main? Starter or dessert?
    • Definitely an appetizer.
  6. What star sign are you? List some traits about the sign.
    • I’m an aries, apparently we’re stubborn.
  7. What’s your favorite movie?
    • Blow.
  8. Highlight of 2017?
  9. Where do you want to travel most, but have never been?
    • I’ve always wanted to visit the UK. Can I sleep on your couch?
  10. What would you like to achieve in 2018?
    • I have some big ideas for don’t give a jam. We’ll see.

random ramblings – a little bit of everything

  1. Favorite TV show?
    • I have a top 5.
  2. Favorite makeup/beauty products?
    • I kinda use a lot of different products, don’t really have one favorite.
  3. Why did you start blogging?
    • I wanted a creative outlet to write about anything I wanted.
  4. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
    • I’d go to the UK or to an island.
  5. Favorite book?
    • Probably Go Ask Alice, but there’s so many.
  6. Coffee or tea?
    • Tea.
  7. Last song you listened to?
    • I think ‘Chasing Highs’ by ALMA.
  8. First real job?
    • Bob’s Stores. I worked the fitting rooms, the floor & the cash register.
  9. Favorite holiday?
    • Probably Christmas, boring I know.
  10. A goal for this year?
    • Find more balance.



  1. How’s your day going?
  2. What did you eat for breakfast?
  3. First thing you do when you wake up?
  4. Are you a morning person or a night owl?
  5. Team pizza or team burrito?
  6. What is your favorite decade for fashion?
  7. Favorite board game?
  8. Add a link to a blog post that makes you proud.
  9. Do you believe in aliens?
  10. Is there a book you’re currently reading?
  11. What’s your favorite TV show to binge watch?

Check out the blogs I’ve nominated, I like them & you might as well!



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