boyfriend does my asos shopI logged Brett into my ASOS account & let him pick out whatever he wanted. He ended up picking out two outfits on his own, with no help from me. I was so excited to see how he did & today I’m sharing that with the blog! I let my boyfriend do my ASOS shop, let’s see how he did.


The first thing I pulled out of the bag is this ASOS brand olive green babydoll dress. I love the shape & the ruffles on the sleeves, such a cute detail. Also, olive green makes my eyes look more green. Looking forward to wearing this when it gets warmer out.


And he also picked this black bodysuit paired with some green high-waisted trousers, both ASOS brand. Brett picked this bodysuit cuz he liked the back & I honestly can’t say I disagree. I love that it has a high neckline and a beautiful back, plus it’s a thong bodysuit, so no worrying about ‘panty’ lines. And these green trousers are amazing. They fit me perfectly and I really like that they’re cropped. Brett added these to the cart with like 5 minutes before the sale ended at midnight, really good find.

I think he did pretty damn well to be quite honest, lol. Let me know in da comments how you think he did!

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