SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD! (11, 12, 13 & 14)

sunshine blogger awardThought I’d tag some of the bloggers I’ve been loving in an award post today. I let these all sit throughout blogmas & now I’m playing catch up, lol. Big thanks to my lovely fellow bloggers who nominated me for the sunshine blogger award! I’ve got some questions to answer, let’s do dis.


  • Thank the person(s) who nominated you & link to their blog
  • Answer the 11 questions sent by the person(s) who nominated you
  • Nominate 11 bloggers to receive the award and write 11 questions for them
  • List the rules and display the award logo on your post and/or your blog


vintage tea rose – her blog about beauty, lifestyle, decor & more is so lovely!

  1. Do you remember any of your dreams, can you describe one?
    • I used to have this recurring nightmare when I was younger. It ended with a group of dog-people surrounding me with weapons while I was in a castle tower, idk.
  2. Do you have any family traditions that you want to carry on?
    • Yeah, for sure.
  3. Who do you laugh the hardest with and why?
    • People I think are funny.
  4. What has been the best piece of advice you have received?
    • My dad gave me this notecard with a quote on it when I went off to college, best advice I’ve ever received.
  5. Would you rather never read another book or never watch another film/TV show?
    • omg, this one isn’t easy.
  6. You’ve been arrested! What have you most likely done?
    • Something illegal.
  7. Do you have a personal motto you live by? What is it?
    • Not specifically.
  8. Do you have a favorite post you’ve written? Link to it!
  9. What is one of your pet peeves?
    • I really don’t like when people interrupt me, but I do it too so lol.
  10. Name one song you never get tired of hearing.
    • I go through phases of being obsessed with songs.
  11. What’s something your brain tries to make you do, but you have to will yourself not to do it?
    • I always wanna touch things when someone says they’re too hot.

cherilyn does… – blogs makeup & so much more

  1. What motivated you to start blogging?
    • I wanted a creative space to write about stuff.
  2. Do you play any musical instruments?
    • Yeah, I play the guitar when I’m not being too lazy.
  3. What is your favorite sound?
    • I have no idea.
  4. What would be your dream adventure?
    • Something fun & interesting.
  5. What was the best book you’ve ever read?
    • I really like A Cry of Angels.
  6. What has been your proudest achievement?
    • I kinda like my blog.
  7. Who do you go to for advice?
    • Me.
  8. You’re stranded on a dessert island. What five things do you have with you?
    1. Something to write with/on.
    2. A pink bouncey ball.
    3. Magnifying glass.
    4. A friend.
    5. Flares.
  9. What is your biggest pet peeve?
    • I don’t love listening to people chew.
  10. What calms you?
    • Relaxing stuff & feeling happy.
  11. Early bird or night owl?
    • Definitely a night owl, I’m terrible at mornings.

bournemouth girl – beauty & lifestyle blog

  1. What is one thing about blogging you love and one thing you hate?
    • I love writing & the blogging community. I don’t h8 blogging.
  2. If you won millions at the lottery, what would you spend the money on?
    • I would probably buy a house.
  3. When did you start blogging and what was your first post?
    • I started blogging a little over 2 years ago & it was a post about blogging.
  4. Who are 4 of your favorite bloggers at the moment?
    1. Sophie Harris
    2. Life of Angela
    3. Glücksgeist
  5. What blogging goals have you set for 2018?
    • I’ve started doing more filming for more videos.
  6. What is one thing you’d like to do this year?
    • Travel somewhere.
  7. What blog post are you most proud of writing and why?
  8. What is your favorite social media platform?
    • I like insta & I’m always on youtube.
  9. What is one boxset you’d recommend watching?
    • Boxset? I would recommend How I Met Your Mother or The Office.
  10. Tell me one weird fact about yourself.
    • If I’m eating multiple foods, I eat them so that I always have the same amount of each.
  11. What tips would you give to other bloggers, that have helped you?
    • Write about what you love & connect with other bloggers/readers.

dear blog, love liz – she talks beauty, health, food, travel & more

  1. Favorite movie?
    • Blow.
  2. Favorite song?
    • Couldn’t possibly choose one.
  3. Favorite book?
    • Go Ask Alice.
  4. Favorite recipe?
    • I’m not sure.
  5. Favorite animal?
    • Fennec fox.
  6. Spirit animal?
    • Fennec fox.
  7. Zodiac sign?
    • Aries.
  8. Eye color?
    • They’re usually green.
  9. Celebrity crush?
    • Don’t have one.
  10. Worst habit?
    • Just habits, none of them are the worst.
  11. You find a genie in a bottle. What are your 3 wishes?
    1. More wishes.
    2. A cheeseburger.
    3. For the genie to have a nicer bottle.


  1. Movies or TV?
  2. What is your favorite breakfast?
  3. Candles or room spray?
  4. What do you like to do to relax?
  5. Ketchup or mustard?
  6. Do you believe in any conspiracy theories?
  7. Video games or board games?
  8. What is your favorite makeup item?
  9. Summer or winter?
  10. What’s your favorite hobby (besides blogging)?
  11. Hoodies or cardigans?


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