netflix original atypical

I accidentally watched all 8 episodes of this funny & heartfelt show in one sitting, thought there were more lol. It’s about a boy named Sam who’s on the spectrum dealing with everyday life things, like dating, in his own special way. It was honest and quirky & once again, this Netflix Original nailed the casting. Sharing my spoiler-free thoughts on Atypical today.

Keri Gilchrist plays Sam in Atypical and does an excellent job portraying the oddities of his character. I also really liked him in It Follows and It’s Kind of a Funny Story. Another familiar face is Jenna Boyd as Paige, she’s fucking fantastic & played Sally in Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star which is an exceptionally underrated movie in my opinion. Although I’ve seen these faces before, the characters felt fresh & honest.

My mum works with kids who have learning disabilities, so I know a bit about autism, but I actually learned a lot while watching this. Not boring learning, they made it interesting to see inside the mind of Sam & used some cool camerawork to do so. I think it’s really cool that they portrayed happy moments, sad moments, hard moments & gave an insight as to how someone on the spectrum might deal with everyday issues. It’s a quirky & cute story about figuring out love & life, whether you’re on the spectrum or not. I absolutely recommend giving this a watch.

p.s. shoutout to Jackie for continuously telling me to watch this until I finally did.




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