I’ve always thought it was interesting how many different opinions there are out there. You can have one, I can have one, we can have one, there’s plenty to go around. Sharing some of my unpopular opinions, lol don’t yell at me in da comments.

  1. Stop remaking good movies.
    • Classic movies that are already good shouldn’t be remade and (potentially, although usually) ruined. Just watch the old movie, you don’t have to ruin Poltergeist by making a new one that doesn’t come anywhere close to the original 1982 version. And some people end up ONLY watching the new & not as good one, ugh.
  2. The oat cereal in Lucky Charms is better than the marshmallows.
    • I used to eat most of the marshmallow ones first to get them out of the way so I could enjoy the oat cereal. I genuinely think they’re a bit too sweet.
  3. I’d rather drink room temperature water than cold water.
    • I just think it’s better. Tastes better, is better, no condensation. I don’t mean like warm water, just room temperature, ya know? It’s better.
  4. I don’t think tide pods are food.
    • Lol but actually guys, stop eating poison.
  5. I actually liked the ending of How I Met Your Mother.
    • Listen, I get it. It’s not the perfect ending, but it was a good ending. If you actually think about the story, it was always about her, right from the beginning. There are parts about the ending I don’t like, but as far as the mom goes, I liked it.
  6. You should be able to use your zodiac sign as an excuse.
    • I mean, I just. Sometimes it’s cuz I’m an Aries. It’s not so much an excuse as a reason, but I definitely aries things up sometimes.

Other unpopular opinions:

In da comments, let me know which unpopular opinion you agree with most, or share one of your unpopular opinions!

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99 thoughts on “UNPOPULAR OPINIONS

  1. I agree with all of your unpopular options except #2. My favorite opinion was #6 because I’m an Aries too! I was drawn to this post because sometimes I have unpopular opinions, and Aries aren’t afraid of being unique or different from the crowd, so I just wanted to see what you had to say.


  2. I’m with you on #2 and #3. Others find me odd to like my water at room temperature, but those who know me best know to skip the ice as it is just too cold. I like both the marshmellows and the cereal, but no longer pick out the marshmallows like I once did as a kid. I tell my husband I buy the Lucky Charms for the kids, but they are secretly for my bedtime snack.

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