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I love a good empties review post. Whether I’m blogging about trash myself, or reading about other people’s trash, I’m good. It’s a really great way to share your true opinion on a product since you’ve used up the whole thing. So, let’s go through the trash I’ve been hoarding and see what I liked, didn’t like, and what I’d buy again!

Glossier – boy brow (brown)

  • I typically use this after benefit ka-brow! & I really like the way they work together. This makes my brows just a bit darker & really helps them stay in place. I’ve heard good things about the clear one too, I’d be interested to try that one out!
  • REPURCHASE: I already did.

Kat Von D – tattoo liner (trooper)

  • Every so often I like to do winged liner & this one is so easy to use! It has a little brush tip that kinda reminds me of a marker which helps to make a smooth & even line.
  • REPURCHASE: Already have! Although I haven’t been doing eyeliner a lot lately, idk.

Tide to Go – instant stain remover

  • Sometimes you spill stuff on yourself while you’re trying to eat & what-not. Idk about you, but I don’t really wanna wear that stain all day. I kept this in my purse & brought it out all the time when me (or anyone else) spilled.
  • REPURCHASE: Not yet, but I’ll most likely grab it next time I see it.

Batiste – dry shampoo (bare)

  • This is definitely my favorite brand for dry shampoo. Adds volume and makes your hair look fresh without looking white. I like most of the scents, but this one was really lovely, definitely a light & clean scent. Really nice & not overpowering at all.
  • REPURCHASE: Yes! In a different scent, but I would definitely get this one again.

Scentsational Candle – amber & vanilla

  • I really love the combo of amber and vanilla, it’s relaxing and the vanilla adds a bit of sweetness. It’s a really nice smell that fills the room without giving you a headache and this brand uses natural soy candles, I buy them at Marshall’s & I love them.
  • REPURCHASE: Oh definitely, I got one for Christmas!

Laura Mercier – tinted moisturizer (porcelain)

  • I grabbed this before our beach vacation last July because I wanted something light to wear to the beach that had SPF in it. Then I kept using it afterwards and swapped my foundation for this tinted moisturizer cuz I liked it so much. It gives just enough color to even out my skin tone and still give a natural look.
  • REPURCHASE: I already did!
empties review

Secret Deodorant – va va vanilla & ooh-la-la lavender

  • Just deodorant, nothing exciting. But I like this brand, it works & the vanilla and lavender scents aren’t super strong, so I like that.
  • REPURCHASE: Yeah, every time I’m (almost) out.

BC Essentials – essential oil (acneic skin)

  • I’ve been using this stuff for a few years now and my skin loves it! I use it as a moisturizer every morning and I think it’s really helped my sensitive skin. I like that essential oils are more natural, definitely nicer on my skin.
  • REPURCHASE: Not this time, I wanted to try a new oil! I got the josie marin 100 percent pure organ oil.

Hempz – vanilla creme brûlée body wash

  • I found this stuff at Marshall’s a few times and thought it smelled quite nice, so I got it. I like the smell of vanilla, it’s just a bit sweet and it’s not too strong. It was a nice body wash, idk.
  • REPURCHASE: If I saw it and needed body wash I might grab it, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to repurchase.

Lush – grease lightning

  • I love this stuff so damn much. I use it every morning and night, it’s especially good if you have a spot. The aloe is so soothing & my skin really reacts well to tea tree, so this is definitely a staple in my skincare routine.
  • REPURCHASE: Every single time.

Moroccanoil – treatment (light)

  • My friend Mia told me about this awhile back cuz I was looking for something to put in my hair to protect it while I style it. I think it has helped keep my hair softer & it smells amazing, like coconuts.
  • REPURCHASE: I made sure to grab this as soon as I ran out!

Urban Decay – eyeshadow primer potion (original)

  • This stuff keeps your eyeshadow look in place for the whole day so you don’t have to worry about it, which is pretty nice. I use it every time I do an eyeshadow look.
  • REPURCHASE: Sure did!





  1. You’ve inspired me to start back doing my empty’s Post. I used to do them once a month but I stopped because I was tired of hoarding trash lol but reading this Post inspired to do it again or at least give it a try once more.


  2. Great post! I do winged liner every single day too and I used to use Stila’s liner pen…now use the Maybelline doup but I keep reading about the Kat Von D liner and feel like I need to invest!


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