getting my new camera

I wrote my blog post celebrating 2 years of blogging a few months back & I’ve been using my iPhone 7 Plus for all my blog/vlog needs. I figured my phone worked well enough to take decent photo and video. But recently, I’ve been doing more videos & wanting my pictures to be a bit, well, better. I figured since I’m not sick of don’t give a jam yet, I might as well invest in a camera! And, of course, I wanted to share my first impression.

After just so much research, reading articles, comparing, watching YouTube videos, I settled on the Canon G7 X Mark II. I filmed this 4 minute vlog the day I got the camera because I wanted to be able to compare my phone quality to my new camera. So if you’d like to know my first impression of the new camera, here ya go:

This was earlier this month, although January is forever, so it feels like it was a decade ago. I’ve been loving taking pictures and video, but there are still so many things I need to figure out. Watch if ya want & subscribe if ya like, both are totally free!

Do you use your phone for everything? Or a camera? Both?



89 thoughts on “VLOG: MY NEW CAMERA

  1. ahhh I am getting this camera too! Everyone recommends this exact one and I can’t wait to try it out lol I currently use my iPhone8 it is decent but like you said the quality of the actual camera ia wayyyyyy better lol love your channel BTW xoxo

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