monthly favorites

OMG is January OVER yet? I know everyone is talking about how long this month feels, but it honestly feels like it’s been years since my last monthly favorites post. In reality, it was just last month. I hope everyone had a lovely January, here’s some stuff I’ve been loving!

monthly favorites:

  1. THIEVES IMMUNE SUPPORT – essential oils
    • My mum made me this essential oil & I’ve been wearing it every day. It smells absolutely lovely, kinda like spicy vanilla & it’s supposed to help you stay healthy, so that’s a plus.
  2. ESSIE NAIL POLISH – penny talk
    • I picked this up before Christmas & I haven’t put on a different color since. It’s a really beautiful metallic rose-gold shade & I just really love the way it looks. You know a nail color is good when people ask about it. 🙌🏻
  3. SLIPPERS – mukluks
    • This was a gift from my boyfriend’s parents for Christmas, they’re so cozy & warm. There’s a button detail on the side that’s really cute & I absolutely love the pattern. Been wearing these a lot this month to keep my feet warm!
  4. ASIAN GINGER CANDLE – scentsational
    • My friend Val got me this candle last month & it’s already like halfway gone. It’s a wonderful ginger-y candle with a light, unique scent. I love when a candle fills the room with a scent, but isn’t overpowering & this does just that.
  5. LUSH BODY LOTION – sleepy
    • This sleepy lotion from Lush was a gift as well & it smells, just, SO GOOD. It’s a lovely lavender scent that helps relax you and is definitely calming before bed, although I put it on all the time, lol. Hands down my favorite lotion from Lush, I recommend giving this one a try.
  6. I started a YouTube channel & got a new camera. I’d been using my iPhone, which was working just fine, but I wanted to create more stuff. I’ve been having fun figuring out the canon g7x mark II & trying something new! I vlogged the day I got it to compare it to my phone, pretty cool to see the differences between the two.


COMMENT BELOW & tell me the best thing about your month, your monthly favorite. ALSO, plz subscribe to me on youtube & if you have one, leave it below so I can find ya!




  1. That rose gold nail polish looks so beautiful, and wow so awesome how you created a YouTube channel! I don’t have one but I’ll definitely follow you on there!
    Also, the best thing to happen to me this month would be getting the results for my final semester at uni in which I did way better than expected haha and knowing that I’m finally graduating, haha! 💗💗


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