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I’ve been watching some rom-coms lately cuz February. So today I’m sharing my top 5 favorite romantic comedies, rom-coms for short. I knew a guy who called them ro-cos & I really wanted to call the post that, but idk how many people would know what I was talking about, lol. Here’s some rom-coms I enjoy watching sometimes, in no particular order.

1. Definitely Maybe

best romantic comedy

I just watched this one on netflix the other day, it’s definitely (maybe) a good one. This guy is telling this little girl the story of him and her mother, but there are multiple female characters & she has to guess who is who. It’s cute & the cast? Abigail Breslin, Ryan Reynolds & Isla Fisher, can’t go wrong.

2. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

top romantic comedies

Lol I actually just watched this one the other day as well. Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson are absolutely amazing together and I love the dynamic of (spoiler) him trying to get her to fall in love in 10 days vs. her trying to lose a guy in 10 days. It’s romantic, it’s really funny, it has Matthew McConaughey in it.

3. The Break-Up

top rom coms

It’s no secret that I love anything with Vince Vaughn & this one is that much better because it also has Jennifer Aniston. These two love birds break up (obviously) and drive each other absolutely crazy in a who-gets-the-apartment battle. It’s hilarious & relatable, and has a bit of a different vibe to it.

4. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

forgetting sarah marshall

Jason Segel is a genius & I love when he’s in movies with Paul Rudd. This has a great cast and follows Peter as he runs off on a Hawaiian vaca after a bad breakup. Sounds pretty good, right? Except (spoiler) she’s on the island too! Imagine running off on a tropical vacation to get away from an ex just to have them show up with their new fling? Yikes. Segel makes it funny though, don’t you worry.

5. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

breakfast at tiffany's

This has seemingly turned into ‘rom-coms that I’ve watched recently’ cuz I just watched this one. For the FIRST TIME. How had I not seen this yet? It’s a quirky, charming story about two neighbors who find each other and form a relationship. Mystery, intrigue, love. Did anyone else watch this and just think ME every time Audrey Hepburn opened her mouth? Cuz me.

COMMENT BELOW & let me know YOUR favorite romantic comedy.



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