valentine's day date ideasValentine’s Day is just another day. Or, it’s a day to splurge and spoil the person you love. Or, better yet, it’s a day you spend with your loved one without completely breaking the bank. Whether you’re with someone, with friends, or with yourself, here are some cheap Valentine’s date night ideas. For the can’t-buy-me-love people.

  • Dinner and a movie
    • Last year my boyfriend & I made homemade pizza and had a whole dinner with salad & wine & what-not. I even set the table with a tablecloth & everything. Then we watched a movie & it was just a really nice, low-key night. The only thing missing was a sick blanket fort.
  • Go out for drinks
    • Throw on your favorite LBD and head to the bar! Get a cosmo, or a beer, or whatever, take a fucking sip, and relax. You both deserve to take a moment away from the stresses of life to enjoy a drink together. This way you can save money on dinner, but you still get to go out and show off that dress!
  • Netflix and takeout
    • Order some chinese food and dig into that new netflix series you’ve both been meaning to watch. If you need ideas, I’ve binged and reviewed quite a few netflix originals. Put on something comfy (or not comfy), snuggle up on the couch, and spend time watching way too much TV.
  • Make dessert together
    • Bake some cupcakes and buy ALL the toppings to decorate them with. You could throw on some music and have a dance in the kitchen while they’re in the oven, then have a cupcake decorating competition. The best part? Eating them after, obviously.
  • Have a picnic
    • Throw a bottle of wine and some snacks in a bag and set up somewhere to watch the sunset. Too cold for an outside picnic? Have one inside with an elaborate cheese platter, or go through the McDonald’s drive thru and watch the sunset from the parking lot. Whatever your vibe is.

A bouquet of flowers & a fancy dinner is a beautiful Valentine’s Day date, but sometimes they don’t serve the whole menu & OMG I h8 that. Sometimes there’s a blizzard. And other times, it’s just nicer to cuddle up and enjoy each other’s company on the cheap.

What are your Valentine’s Day plans?

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