best tv couples

BECAUSE some TV couples are super charming & you just can’t help but love them. You invest SO much time watching them fall in love & grow that it can kinda start to feel real. Here are the best TV couples, the ones that make you go ‘ugh, I really wish they were together in real life.’

1. MARSHALL & LILY – How I Met Your Mother

how I met your mother

I mean, they’re just perfectly imperfect. They go through ups & downs & even some time apart, but they’re lilypad and marshmallow & that’s what matters. I love all their inside jokes & that they have their own language. They don’t make sense without each other & I think that’s cute.

2. MONICA & CHANDLER – Friends

friends TV

It happens & it just works. One of those couples you didn’t know you needed, but ya needed. They’re silly & goofy & you know it’s love when you’re wearing a chicken on your head just for a laugh. Definitely glad these friends turned more-than-friends on f.r.i.e.n.d.s.

3. JIM & PAM – The Office

the office

Do I even have to say anything? They’re the cheesiest couple I know & I kinda gotta love them for it. Their story is charming & even when they’re not at their best, they always seem to find a big, romantic way to make it work. Friends turned more-than, ya never know.

4. APRIL & ANDY – Parks and Recreation

parks and recreation

They’re quirky & they spend most of their time trying to entertain each other. I feel like they’re both such young souls and they vibe off each other really well. You kinda have to love someone that makes you laugh like that every day.

5. CORY & TOPANGA – Boy Meets World

boy meets world

90’s kids where are you??!? I love that they knew each other for so long. High school sweethearts might not be the most common, but you never know; my aunt & uncle started dating in high school. Cory & topanga shared their first kiss together & end up married and I LOVE how open & honest they are with each other.

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50 thoughts on “5 BEST TV COUPLES

  1. Don’t hate me when I say this but I kinda always quietly shipped Monica and Richard 😂 I mean I love Chandler and they are cute together but I preferred them apart. I have always been more into the friendships in friends than their relationships because Joey and Chandler what a beautiful bromance 💗🤷🏼‍♀️ xx


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