5 Worst TV Couples

worst tv coupleYesterday I shared my 5 best TV couples, so today I’m bringing you my 5 worst TV couples. It’s only fair. Those couples that make you cringe & wonder who on earth decided to make their relationship a thing. Some couples are just the fucking worst. Bonus Tuesday blog, let’s do dis.

1. Cersei & Jaime – Game of Thrones

game of thronesI mean… they’re siblings. Twincest seems pretty gross to me, idk.

p.s. I h8ed EVERY moment of typing my name the wrong way, cool kids spell it JAMIE

2. Angela & Andy

the officeGrrrr. She clearly doesn’t even like him it’s just… and there’s NO chemistry. It’s awkward & idk about you, but I was just waiting for her to go back to Dwight. I get that it’s for the plot, but I didn’t like it & I didn’t need it in my life.

3. Blair & Dan

gossip girlEW I h8ed it. Kinda a little insufferable to watch cuz they just didn’t go together. It was awkward & felt a bit forced. I just feel like they shoulda stayed friends. PLUS FUCK DAN. don’t @ me.

4. George Michael & Ann

arrested developmentHer? lol, but actually, she’s pretty meh. I love Mae Whitman & she’s better than the first Ann, but the character is boring. They’re just so awkward together. It’s uncomfy, but maybe not as bad as him having a huge incesty crush on his cousin, lolol.

5. Rachel & Joey

rachel and joeyYou GUYS. I know they’re really good friends, they get along & they’re both attractive. But this didn’t really need to happen & it was awkward for everyone involved, even them, lol. Definitely better as friends.

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Let me know in the comments who YOU think are the worst TV couples!

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64 thoughts on “5 Worst TV Couples

      1. They do not just date worse they have had 3 kids to together one who was psycho. She possibly is pregnant again although he has finally left her. It is also strongly suggested that he is attracted and possibly in love with someone else.


      2. Yeah I think it might be he. He has now left her and it has been strongly suggested to be an attraction between him and a female warrior called Brienne. She is strongly implied to be in love with him and I am not so sure how he feels but I think he may like her back. Another man also likes Brienne but she is not interested in him.

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      3. Also one of the kids Joffrey is awful really awful. They do this while she is married to another man who she has killed and she brings them off as his kids. Jaime meanwhile is a knight who is an order that means he cannot marry of have kids. Also vow of chastity. But he breaks to parts of that.


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