worst tv couple

YESTERDAY I shared my 5 best TV couples, so today I’m bringing you my 5 worst TV couples. It’s only fair. Those couples that make you cringe & wonder who on earth decided to make their relationship a thing. Some couples are just the fucking worst. BONUS Tuesday blog, let’s talk BAD TV COUPLES.

1. CERSEI & JAIME – Game of Thrones

game of thrones

I mean… they’re siblings. Twincest seems pretty gross to me, IDK.

p.s. I h8ed EVERY moment of typing my name the wrong way, cool kids spell it JAMIE

2. ANGELA & ANDY – The Office

the office

Grrrr. She clearly doesn’t even like him it’s just… and there’s NO chemistry. It’s awkward & idk about you, but I was just waiting for her to go back to Dwight. I get that it’s for the plot, but I didn’t like it & I didn’t need it in my life.

3. BLAIR & DAN – Gossip Girl

gossip girl

EW I h8ed it. Kinda a little insufferable to watch cuz they just didn’t go together AT ALL. It was awkward & felt kinda forced. I just feel like they shoulda stayed friends. PLUS FUCK DAN. don’t @ me.

4. GEORGE MICHAEL & ANN – Arrested Development

arrested development

Her? lol, but actually, she’s pretty meh. I love Mae Whitman & she’s better than the first Ann, but the character is boring. AND they’re just SO awkward. It’s uncomfy, but maybe not as bad as him having a huge incesty crush on his cousin, lolol.

5. RACHEL & JOEY – Friends

rachel and joey

You GUYS. I know they’re really good friends, they get along & they’re both attractive. BUT this didn’t really need to happen & it was awkward for everyone involved, even them, lol. Definitely better as friends.


COMMENT BELOW & let me know who YOU think are the worst TV couples!



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