end of the world netflix originalI love a good Netflix Original & this one I watched in a day. There are only 8 episodes & they’re around 20 min each, so it’s an easy watch. The End of The Fucking World follows two spunky 17 year old misfits (Alyssa & James) who find each other & go on an adventure of sorts. She’s escaping and he has evil intentions, but there’s more to the story. Talking about the end of the world, let’s do dis.

These young & reckless kids run away from home and run into some trouble. They give off a confident vibe, but something cool this Netflix Original does is allow you to hear their inner thoughts. It’s interesting & brings you right into the minds of these beautiful & lovable outsiders. Gives the viewer a raw & honest insight into what they do & don’t choose to say out loud to each other.

It’s a story of intense love, violence, feeling lost & figuring it all out. James & Alyssa are on their own learning about themselves, each other, and what they can accomplish together. They act tough, but you also get to see through the cracks, their inner dialogue tells the audience that they don’t always have the right answers. And the music is amazing, wonderfully haunting. The use of silence & sudden sounds are also pretty effective in keeping with the intense & unnerving vibe. These two loners found each other one day in the school cafeteria & that moment catapults them into a journey together.

This couple is perfectly imperfect & I loved every moment of watching their angsty antics unfold. There is a thin line between love & hate and these two seem to know the dance around it by heart.


In da comments, tell me something pretty about your weekend, or share your thoughts on the end of the fucking world!

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