ASOS haul try-onHalfway through the week, halfway happy. But a lot happy about my ASOS shop. We’re going to key west next month & I definitely needed a few new things! You know when you go shopping & show someone what you got & they tell you what they think? I always really liked that. Ordered a buncha stuff from ASOS, so here’s a haul and try-on video.

Check out what I ordered, what I loved & didn’t love so much AND a try-on so you can see what the clothes actually look like on. I love the variety on ASOS and they make returns SO easy by giving you the return label. I got some cozy stuff & some stuff for our trip. From jeans & cardigans all the way to swimsuits & sunnies, I got it covered.


In da comments, let me know what your favorite piece was!

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38 thoughts on “ASOS HAUL & TRY-ON

  1. i love hauls and you look soo friggin cute!! I love how you said you got a litle bit of stuff, and lean over and pick up a big pile of clothes. lol and those sunnies fit your face soo well. and i love the t-shirt with the winking eye. i loved this. ugh and those light mom jeans are a must have for me right now

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