I mean, I had to do another one. I kinda think it’s interesting to see how different everyone’s opinions are. I was absolutely loving the comments when I posted my last unpopular opinions post, you guys crack me up. Here’s a buncha stuff that you might disagree with hard. Let’s do dis.

  1. Movie theaters are creepy.
    • I love movies. But I’ve always kinda been needlessly panicky about sitting in a dark theater full of strangers. I’ll go to the movies, just not my fave thing (& sometimes I won’t go lol). Plus, Brett makes a mean bowl of popcorn so I don’t miss out there.
  2. All syrup is good, real & fake.
    • I love maple syrup, but I like a good old bottle of aunt jemima just as well. I’ve spent my whole life in New England where maple syrup is a huge deal & I like them both the same, just differently.
  3. Mario Badescu rosewater spray is not good.
    • SO MANY people like this stuff & I just absolutely do not. It’s the scent I think. I like herbally smells, but this is so perfumey, kinda like old lady perfume. IDK maybe it’s just me, but I don’t get it.
  4. I prefer Monica & Chandler over Ross & Rachel.
    • Monica & Chandler get along so much better & they vibe really well with each other. While Ross is ALWAYS jealous and Rachel goes out of her way to ruin Ross’ relationships with other women. IDK I get it, the whole lobster thing, but it seems a bit toxic, don’t @ me.
  5. If you’re sleeping 8+ hours a night you’re wasting time.
    • I’m fully aware some people need that much sleep to actually function, but you guys! You’re wasting so many hours that you could be awake doing stuff. I like a good 6 hours or so myself.
  6. I don’t want to join vero.
    • This was ALL that was on my twitter feed this weekend. I don’t want to learn a new social media that’s really similar to a bunch of other social medias. MEH.


In da comments, let me know which unpopular opinion you agree with most, or share one of your unpopular opinions!

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84 thoughts on “UNPOPULAR OPINIONS (2)

  1. Haha, I love reading these types of posts! Also, I totally get your fear of cinemas, I actually had this fear of sitting on the last seat of the row, like I would always want to sit in between people if you know what I mean haha! xx

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